Patapaa sadly narrates how he was poisoned leaving him to vomit and poo blood (Video)

ccording to the “One Corner” singer, he nearly met his untimely death whilst he was chasing dreams because he was poisoned through food. Patapaa detailed what happened to him during an interview on Okay FM.

Narrating his ordeal in Twi, the singer said “What happened to me was scary, that’s why I dropped a song titled “Eye Hu” … I was poisoned about two weeks ago, and that I was vomiting something black. When I go to the toilet, I see blood. By then I was in Tarkwa where I was booked for a series of shows”.

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Patapaa referenced how Eagle Prophet once revealed a doom prophecy about his death, emphasizing that whenever men of God make such prophecies, it should be taken seriously because men as mere mortals do not have spiritual eyes as the prophets. 

Patapaa At A Concert In Sierra Leone

Patapaa At A Concert In Sierra Leone

The “Scopatumana” rapper added that for that purpose he has stopped eating from hotels, however, during his time in Tarkwa, he had a drink after a concert and the aftermath was a life-threatening one.

According to Patapaa, he had a stomach upset when he got back to his hotel and as a result, he ended up vomiting a black substance and pooing blood. The singer disclosed that he was eventually rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Watch the video below to hear more from Shatta Wale.

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