Ayigbe Edem’s “Woss” Video surpasses tens of thousands on First Day

Extraordinary versatile Music prodigy, Ayigbe Edem has released yet again another hardcore banger; “Woss” as a pre-liner to greater works in the industry.

Edem, officially known as Edem Agbeviadey, in the Woss video, featured the forever-young rhythmic lyricist; Kenny Ice and a wide range of new talents; Kay Stun, Andre Marrs, Squyb and Adjavi Jose.

The rap content of the song which is sandwiched with lively chorus, pays homage to some of the great towns in the Volta Region such as Aflao, Adafienu, Sogakope, Kpando, Hohoe and among others in addition to the regular jugular slogan “Gbevu”.

If the Woss track is anything to go by, one can avidly say, future works of Ayigbe Edem, will blast the stereos in generations to come.  

At the time of publication, the video released on Youtube on September 30, 2021 has hit 23,162 views.

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