Moesha blasts fans for always using emojis under her post

Actress and video vixen, Moesha Babiinoti Boduong, has taken a swipe at her emoji-commenting fans in a funny video she posted on her official Instagram page.

In what appeared like a funny jab at her teeming fans, she asked why many of her fans were fond of commenting with the ‘fire’ emoji under her posts instead of writing out full sentences.

According to her, whenever she goes through the comment section under her post, the majority of the comments are emojis, most especially, the ‘fire’ emoji.


She indicated that even if she posts a photo of herself crying, some of her fans would react to it with the fire emoji and she just could not come to terms with it.

She said the same phenomenon applied when she posted a video or photo of an advert she had been contracted to do.

After posting the video, she captioned it:

“Those people who send fire emojis under every post I make do you read at all??I can make a post about death they will put fire emoji.”

Many fans and followers took to the comment section to react to her new claim about the fire emoj

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