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Esther is an explorer, content writer, content marketer, operational manager, event organizer, and media correspondent. Many know her as adaptive, creative, and adventurous as well as her writing which inspires and updates people of the world’s daily activities. She is currently studying Bachelor in Communication Studies, Journalism option at Ghana Institute of Journalism

We have full support from the U.S amid the Russian invasion, Antony Blinken said.

Upon the immediate Pair’s meeting which took place at Kyiv in Ukraine between U.S secretary; Antony Blinken and president of Ukraine, Zelenskyy on the alarming invasion of Russia, a short press conference was held to enlighten Ukrainian on the just-ended meeting with the U.S secretary of state. According to the foreign minister of Ukraine, Dmytro […]

Border Tension: Russia can attack Ukraine at any moment; Blinken says.

The United States of America Secretary;  Antony Blinken meets president Zelenskyy of Ukraine in Kyiv as fears grow of an imminent Russian invasion.  His move was made after he advised that Russia can attack Ukraine at any moment due to the Russian – Ukraine border crisis. In addition, Blinken will move on with various meetings […]