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Breaking the 8, Quality, Competence & Organization

Breaking the 8, Quality, Competence & Organization

The peaceful transfer of power is a foundation of freedom. Crowns have passed through thousands of kings and queens, each different from the previous. Like the pendulum of a clock, power swings from one side to the other in an endless passing of time. It creates a balance between two opposing forces – each side relying on the other to maintain order.

The battle for supremacy in governance between NPP and NDC since 1992 has become an 8-year baton where power changes hands from one party to another no matter the performance of the government of the day. I can say this equivocally without missing a word because of what happened in the year 2008 when former president John Agyekum Kuffour was ending his term of office. Many of us in politics were of the view that, the performance of NPP at the time was going to do the magic to retain power for the big elephant fraternity, but what happened? Ghanaians experienced the greatest political shock when the then-candidate Professor Atta Mills emerged as the winner over Nana Addo after the runoff.

The majority of post researches conducted indicated that NPP was complaisant, therefore the grassroots elections from polling stations to national executives were wrongly selected and it resulted to defeat in the general election.

The same fate is here again for NPP if history has anything to do with the upcoming constituency, regional, and national executive elections. The elephant family has no reason to fail Ghana and the party again in the coming general election in 2024. The two most likely candidates to lead the party in 2024 can be considered as a sure bet for the party ONLY if chances are taken seriously. It is however expedient for the party to be critical in selecting the best hands to steer the affairs of the party, the quality, competent and reliable candidates who are tried and tested, experienced hands that are not going to experiment, people who have seen it all, candidates who have no excuses to fail but to deliver when the need arises.

This is where I mirror the discussion to the Ahafo region and the regional chairmanship position. In modern-day politics, you need a majority to win but not everybody. The choice of candidates determines how electorates will vote, how to win the majority, and how to hold on to power. Ahafo is still battling with two orphan constituencies and four constituencies to hold power. In this multi-task situation, there’s a greater need to elect someone who has seen it all, tried it all, and has proven to know how to make it. So the candidature of ROBERT SARFO MENSAH (BOOBA) is a golden opportunity for us in NPP to bring back the lost two constituencies, maintain the four and maximize the votes we garnered in the previous election.

Kwabena Adom Manas (Sir Kam)

Former Deputy Communication Director
China Branch, NPP.

I’m for Robert Sarfo Mensah.


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