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Bring back radio Gold and XYZ – One man Demonstrator to NCA

Seth Addi is preparing to pitch camp at the National Communications Authority (NCA) from December 19, 2019 in demand for the opening of Radio Gold and XYZ, Seth Addi has indicated that he intends to go ahead with his action despite an unfavourable response from the police.
The police in response to a notification from Seth Addi indicated that it was not in the position to provide security for his one man action because of its engagement during the yuletide.
The police in the letter signed by the deputy Regional Commander ACP Emmanuel Afriyie Sekyi proposed that Seth Addi postpones his action until after the yuletide
“The command however requests that you postpone your event to a later date after the Christmas festivities and notify the office for consideration, please,” ACP Emmanuel Afriyie Sekyi
Speaking to Dinpafm’s Nana Akosua Ansah via phone, Seth Addi said he never requested for the protection of the police and that he asked permission from his employers to return to the country during the said period specifically for that purpose
According to Seth Addi the letter to the police was in compliance with the legal requirement for protesters to notify the Ghana Police Service before embarking on their actions.
He said he was treating the letter from the police as an advice because the police are not empowered to stop his demonstration neither is the demand for notification meant to be a request for protection.
Seth Addi indicated that his protection comes from God because he believes only the Almighty God can protect and cited the instance of robberies at police stations and the murder of police officers as evidence the security is in the hands of God.
He however indicated that his lawyers will be writing a response to the police in due time.
Seth Addi, a Russian based Ghanaian who used to work in the print media and one of the two journalists who started the Searchlight Newspaper, is preparing to spend his yuletide at the NCA starting 19th December 2019 in demand for the opening of Radio Gold and XYZ.
He will from that day be at the premises of the NCA until the two radio stations are opened.
above are the letters of notification and responds from the demonstrator and the police respectively.

Story by: Nana Akosua Ansah / Dinpafm.com


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