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Horrifying side-effect of not having enough sex

Numerous studies have been conducted time and again which prove that sex is not only pleasurable but is also good for our body. From cutting down your stress levels to helping you sleep better, benefits of sex extend way beyond the bedroom. So, once you start losing out on the Big O (read orgasm), there […]

Famous Gospel Artist Ernest Opoku to rock Rejoice Annual Praises & Worship 2022 on January 28.

The length of your relationship doesn’t define its quality

here’s a huge misconception that short-lived relationships are not meaningful or significant in our lives. But, that rumour is simply not true. I strongly believe that the length of a relationship doesn’t validate how deep of a connection two people share.  There are so many ways a relationship of any kind can impact you, from friendships to […]

5 Surprising Benefits of Kissing