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Demand Ghanaian movies, we will deliver – Emelia Brobbey

Demand Ghanaian movies, we will deliver – Emelia Brobbey

Actress Emelia Brobbey has asked Ghanaian movie enthusiasts to demand more Ghanaian movies so that movie producers will invest.

Even though she admittedly stated that the Ghana movie industry has witnessed a decline especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the multitalented actress stressed on the need for high demand for Ghanaian movies to necessitate production.

Speaking on Class FM, Emelia Brobbey said: “The movie industry is so down but thank God that there are people who are producing series now and every now and then, people produce movies as well but it is not as effective as years back.

“You guys need to demand for Ghanaian movies and we will produce for you. We don’t want to produce and you won’t buy it and you will be watching different content altogether. So demand for Ghanaian movies and let’s produce it because no producer or executive producer wants to invest and the money won’t come back. Nobody wants to waste his or her money,” she added.

She also raised concerns on the reasons that account for low demand and patronage of Ghanaian movies.

“I think the demand is very low. What can we do about the demand? How can Ghanaians love Ghanaian movies again?” she questioned.

Emelia Brobbey began her acting career in 2002. She has starred in movies, predominantly in the Kumawood space, such as ‘Pains of true love’, ‘Deadly forest’, ‘the 2 pilots’ and ‘Romantic exploits’ among others.

In 2020, she launched her music career as well. She has so far released ‘Fa Me Ko’, ‘Fa Me Ko’ remix featuring Prince Bright, ‘Odo Electric’ featuring Wendy Shay and ‘Makoma’ featuring Kuami Eugene.


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