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Family Seeking Justice for Son Allegedly Beaten to Death by Police Officers

Family Seeking Justice for Son Allegedly Beaten to Death by Police Officers

17-year-old boy, Samuel Kwasi Boateng, who tragically lost his life in an incident involving Abirem police officers.
Briefly mention the family’s demand for justice and their allegations of police brutality.

Samuel Kwasi Boateng was allegedly assaulted by two Abirem police officers at a washing bay in New Abirem-Maamaso.
Provide context for the incident, mentioning a dispute between the officers and the victim at the washing bay.

Highlight the accusation made by the family, narrated by the deceased’s sister, Rebecca Owusu, detailing how the police officers brutalized and manhandled Samuel Kwasi Boateng.
Mention the grief and anguish expressed by the deceased’s father, Mr. Sam Akimidis, who is demanding justice for his son.

Discuss conflicting statements from the washing bay owner and co-workers about the incident. The owner initially denied any such occurrence, while workers confirm the incident.

Describe the media investigation that contradicted the owner’s denial and confirmed that the incident indeed took place.
Mention any evidence or witness accounts that support the family’s allegations.

Explain how Samuel Kwasi Boateng’s body was taken to the Police Hospital without the family’s knowledge for an autopsy.
Discuss the family’s decision to seek an injunction to ensure proper handling of the body and investigation process.

Outline the actions taken by the family’s lawyer, Lawyer Nkrabeah Effah Dartey, including obtaining an injunction and serving an application to the Inspector General of Police and Attorney General.

Emphasize the importance of a fair and transparent investigation to determine the truth behind the allegations.
Highlight the significance of seeking justice for victims of alleged police brutality and misconduct.
Conclude by stating that the case is ongoing and will be closely monitored for updates.
Remember to expand on each section with relevant details, quotes, and facts. You can also include any updates that may have occurred after the initial reports.


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