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Gari and beans rank high in the purchasing price of food now

Gari and beans rank high in the purchasing price of food now

Have you ever considered how much you spend on Gari and bean if you love it?
Well, your answer will determine your level of satisfaction and the money you spend on Gari and bean.
Generally, Gari and beans sometimes referred to as ‘Gɔbɛ’ used to be among the cheapest meals that any ordinary person, regardless of rank, could purchase. However, this name is most used by the youth as a term for greeting whenever they meet each other.

Now likewise its highest value in the food market in Ghana now, it is also healthy because of the diversity of ingredients, which include ripe plantains, beans, palm oil, and pepper among others.

The equation, however, appears to have changed as a result of recent increases in the costs involved in its preparation.
Some vendors in the various sub-towns and regions in Ghana have been complaining about how their clients are suffering and how the high cost of ingredients to make Gari and Beans is driving them out of business currently.

According to these vendors, “they claim that the reason why clients complain about the quantity of food supplied to them is not their fault, but rather the economy’s woeful soaring inflation”

They urge the government to take immediate action to improve the circumstance since this food was first seen as the Cheapest food most Ghanaians can afford not excluding tourists.
In addition, if the government doesn’t take any remedy to
Curb this situation, the vendors will have no choice but to continue increasing their prices for Gari and bean when an individual buys 5 cedis he will be satisfied but now it’s vice versa.

Article by: Rahmatu Abass


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