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Goaso Manhene Celebrates 15th Enstoolment Anniversary: Calls for Development and Accountability

Goaso Manhene Celebrates 15th Enstoolment Anniversary: Calls for Development and Accountability

The town of Goaso was adorned with vibrant colors and joyful celebrations on Saturday, August 26, 2023, as Nana Akwasi Bosomprah I, the Paramount Chief of the Goaso Traditional Council, marked his 15th enstoolment anniversary. The event, attended by numerous dignitaries and a multitude of people, was a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the Ahafo Region.

In his address during the celebration, Nana Akwasi Bosomprah I seized the opportunity to shed light on the challenges facing the region. He expressed his deep concern over the deplorable state of roads in the Ahafo Region. Despite being a significant contributor to Ghana’s timber and cocoa industries, the region continues to suffer from inadequate infrastructure, especially in terms of road networks.

Nana Bosomprah criticized the lack of continuity in development projects, highlighting a case where a contractor abruptly halted road construction without any notice. He lamented that such actions hinder the progress of the region and undermine the confidence of the local population in the government’s commitment to development.

Adding a political dimension to his speech, Nana Bosomprah I noted that despite the Ahafo Region providing substantial votes to the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the developmental projects in the area have largely been initiated by the National Democratic Congress (NDC). This observation served as a call for greater attention to the region’s needs and aspirations, irrespective of political affiliations.

Turning his attention to youth and sports development, the Member of Parliament for Asunafo North Constituency, Hon. Evans Opoku Bobbie, promised the Goaso community an ultra-modern astro turf to nurture the talents of the youth. However, Nana Bosomprah I expressed skepticism and emphasized that promises alone were insufficient. He insisted that concrete actions backed by contractors were essential to turn these promises into reality.

The paramount chief also raised concerns about the state of education, particularly the Ahafoman Senior High Technical School. He called on the government to review the institution’s technical classification, pointing out that the lack of necessary equipment undermined its ability to provide a comprehensive technical education. Nana Bosomprah I highlighted that the students struggled even with basic technical tasks, such as fixing a light bulb.

Touching on broader regional and international matters, Nana Bosomprah I addressed the recent coup in Niger. He urged President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to maintain a safe distance from the situation to ensure the stability and security of Ghana.

As the festivities marked the 15th enstoolment anniversary of Nana Akwasi Bosomprah I, they also served as a platform for voicing critical concerns and aspirations. The celebration highlighted the pressing need for development, accountability, and effective governance to improve the lives of the people in the Ahafo Region.


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