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Good policies will discourage dangerous migration to Europe – Education Minister


Government says its policies and programmes will, in the long run, discourage Ghana’s youth from embarking on perilous journeys to Europe to seek a better life.

According to the Education Minister, Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh, through relevant skills training and quality education, the youthful population in the country will create the needed opportunities and breakthroughs in Ghana.

Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh said this when he addressed a three-day training on the UNESCO model curriculum on media, migration and refugee matters at the University of Cape Coast.

A model curriculum is currently under development by the Erich Brost Institute to be adopted by UNESCO after review.

The curriculum seeks to provide journalism educators with a comprehensive set of modules, enabling them to train journalism students to better understand the complex factual dimensions of migration coverage, and to translate knowledge into sound and sensitive yet critical and challenging reporting techniques.

The Education Minister revealed Ghana was committed to providing for the establishment of an educational system intended to produce well-balanced individuals with the right knowledge, skills, values, aptitudes, and attitudes to become functional and productive citizens for the total development and the democratic advancement of the nation.

We are pursuing several pathways to ensure that the education and skills training we provide our young citizens, in particular, are relevant and responsive to the needs, opportunities and challenges of the fast-evolving 21st-century knowledge economy we live in today,“ he assured.

He also called for synchronisation of the vision of the government with the institutions of higher learning that train professionals in the country. His belief: this inextricable relationship between governments and higher institutions on one side and the need to propel national development is important for the government and stakeholders to chart a united path.

“If the government is committing resources in the educational sector, there must be the need to synchronize the vision of the government,” he explained.

Director of the Africa Institute of Media, Migration and Development and Editor-in-Chief of Africa Positive Magazine, Veye Tatah, is rooting for the industrialization and the creation of more jobs for the youths as well as the reduction of the export of raw materials.

She’s fully convinced homemade solutions for the challenges the people of Africa face coupled with the change in attitudes could change the narratives about migration in Africa.

According to an analysis by the African Media Initiative, migration coverage in many African Countries overlooks the economic and socio-political realities driving people to move to Europe – while European media are frequently focused on the issues of border security – as stated by EBI media research.


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