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High Maternal Deaths in Ahafo Region-Regional Health Director

High Maternal Deaths in Ahafo Region-Regional Health Director

In a worrying development, the Ahafo Region has witnessed a significant rise in institutional maternal deaths in the year 2023. Reports indicate that the region has already recorded over 10 maternal deaths, a stark contrast from the 3 deaths recorded during the same period in the previous year.

This disheartening trend was brought to light during the 2023 Midyear Performance Review Meeting of the Ahafo Regional Health Directorate, held in Goaso. Dr. Samuel Boakye Boateng, the Ahafo Regional Director of Ghana Health Service (GHS), expressed deep concern about the situation. Despite concerted efforts by the regional health directorate to tackle this issue head-on, including the establishment of CHIP compounds, midwife capacity building, and intensified maternal health education, the region continues to grapple with an escalating maternal mortality rate.

Dr. Boakye Boateng candidly acknowledged the persisting challenges that hamper progress in curbing maternal deaths.

The scarcity of gynaecologists poses a significant hurdle, along with inadequate road networks and delays in antenatal care attendance. These challenges underscore the complexity of the problem and the multifaceted approach required to address it effectively.

Dr. Boakye Boateng emphasized the pivotal role that stakeholders must play in the fight against maternal mortality. Collaborative efforts from government agencies, healthcare institutions, community leaders, and individuals are imperative to reverse this distressing trend.

The Ahafo Regional Minister, Hon George Boakye, echoed the urgency of the situation. He urged the Ghana Health Service to employ all available resources to mitigate the issue. The government’s commitment to enhancing healthcare infrastructure through initiatives like agenda 111 and the upgrading of health centers to hospitals demonstrates a proactive approach to ensuring quality healthcare delivery across the region.

As the region grapples with this disheartening increase in maternal deaths, it’s evident that a comprehensive and holistic strategy is required. The combined efforts of various stakeholders, along with sustained investments in healthcare facilities, personnel, and education, hold the promise of reducing maternal mortality rates and ensuring the well-being of mothers in the Ahafo Region.


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