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I Believe in The Local Coaches: Honorable Robert Sarfo Mensah

I Believe in The Local Coaches: Honorable Robert Sarfo Mensah

Ahafo as a new region is on the verge of making herself known in the political corridors. Based on the previous election, one cannot be wrong to say “Ahafo is for NPP” because of the four out of six and the voter margin for the four won constituencies as compared to the two secured by the NDC is as well evident. Any political party would want to solidify this lead and make history out of it.

This history though, new, but revolves around the gallant sons and daughters of Ahafo. In an interview yesterday with one of the illustrious sons of the region, Robert Sarfo Mensah popularly known as Booba at Atinka TV’s authoritative program, KICK OFF,  stated that “ though I believe in your assertion that “I am the best for the regional chairmanship position, but I believe in internal politics and hope there will be other contestants.

Honorable Robert Sarfo Mensah is a former member of parliament for three consecutive terms, for Asunafo South Constituency, he is also a former capo of the National Sports Authority. Honorable Booba has been in active politics since 1992. In a response to one of the numerous questions, Honorable Booba explained that Ghana needs a local coach more than the expatriate ones who have offered us no results. “We can invest in at least five to six Ghanaian coaches and engage them in a binding contract, again, we can also provide them with the needed attachment opportunity which will give them the needed exposure to deliver” he stated.

Seth Daddzie, the Host, asked, “I’ve received several messages endorsing your candidacy as the incoming regional chairman, do you have any plans to go for it”?.

Honorable Robert Sarfo Mensah (Booba) did not hide his intention and responded in affirmation. Ahafo is a new region, we need to lay down a foundation that we can be proud of tomorrow. This foundation requires an experienced personality who has big ears to listen, the stomach to accommodate all and provide an all-inclusive party, someone who can liaise the grassroots with the region and nation, and I believe that candidate is Robert Sarfo Mensah (Booba).

In conclusion, Booba urged all the contestants to believe in themselves since it’s the only qualification quoting from the former president John Agyekum Kuffour.


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