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I was imprisoned and you visited me….

The church of Pentecost Ejisu District,making presentation at the Amanfrom prisons.
Some of the donated items to the inmates.

“For i was hungry, and you gave me food, i was thirsty, you gave me drink, i was a stranger and you took me home.Naked you clothed me, i was in prison and you came to visit me”.(Mathew 25:35-36).
In fulfilment to the call to go and preach to all nations as fonud in mathew 28:19, The church of Pentecost Ejisu District has moved away from the church auditorium preaching and teachings but to the vulnerable and ‘hard to reach’ areas to preach the good news, win souls for christ and to put smile on their faces.

Members of the church of pentecost and some officers of the Amanfrom prisons

The Evangelism ministry of The church of Pentecost Ejisu district has visited Amanfrom camp prison on last Saturday 7th December,2019.
The church worshipped with the prison inmates and staff, afterwards, presented assorted items worth GH₵4000.00 ,
Items include,
Medicated soaps 172 pieces
Tooth paste 50 piece
and tooth brushes 270piece
Bathroom sandals 114 pairs
Rice 3bags
Shaving sticks 200 pieces
Toilet roll 280 piece
Ointment 100 piece
Gari 2 bags
And more.
The delegation lead by the District Minister of the church of pentecost – Ejisu District- Rev.Eric Gyachem, did this to fulfill the scripture in Mathew 25:35-40.
DSP Joseph Aikins who received the donations on behalf of the inmates thanked the church for their kind gesture and called on others to follow suit.
Story by : Nana Akosua Ansah / Dinpafm.com


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