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KAB-FAM Ghana Ltd wins outstanding electronic Retail Company of the Year award 2020

KAB-FAM Ghana Ltd wins outstanding electronic Retail Company of the Year award 2020

Electronic Retail Giant, Kab-Fam Ghana Ltd has been awarded the ‘outstanding electronic retail company of the year’.

They were given the award at the Ghana Business Standard Awards held on Friday October 16th, 2020 at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel.

The “Ghana Business Standard Awards” is an initiative of KN Unique Communications in partnership with Strategic Accountancy Africa and Zelliate Media.

The awards ceremony or platform recognizes individuals and companies that play a significant role in the development of various business sectors in Ghana.

Commenting on the awards ceremony, Chief Executive Officer of KN Unique Communications, Oheneba Kwabena Kena, said the awards ceremony is to promote and celebrate the outstanding achievements of organizations and individuals in the Ghanaian business region.

He added that individuals or organizations that received even nomination truly deserve some special accolades.

He said winners of the awards are standard makers, excellence achievers, responsible organizations or individuals who adhere to the local business requirements while consistently improving their organizations’ performance. 

In an exclusive interview with the Brand Ambassador of Kab-Fam Ghana Ltd, the evergreen comic actor Hon. Mikki Osei Berko, known in Showbiz as Master Richard or Dada Boat, he said he felt honored to be part of the success stories of Kab-Fam Ghana Ltd anytime he picks up same or similar prestigious awards for the brand, especially at a point where the hard work and good deeds of Kab-Fam Ghana Ltd continue to be acknowledged and rewarded by credible organizations over the years.

“On behalf of Management and staff of Kab-Fam Ghana Ltd, I say a big thank you to God Almighty for helping Kab-Fam Ghana Ltd to witness this day and also win such a prestigious award”.

The Kab-Fam brand Ambassador congratulated the other winners and further thanked KN Unique Communications, Strategic Accountancy Africa and Zelliate Media, organizers of the awards ceremony, and also seized the opportunity to advise the business community especially competitors to put up the best of practices to better the Ghanaian business community.

The Awards 

The 2020 Ghana Business Standard Awards ceremony was held in Ghana at Movenpick Ambassador Hotel on October 16th, to recognize and reward outstanding businesses that contribute to the economy across various award categories.

KN Unique Communications has brought excellent initiatives to the business community of Ghana and the event is endorsed by Ministry for Planning and Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

The theme for this year’s awards “Celebrating Organizations Committed to Remarkable Business Standards Geared Towards Sustainable Growth” focused on identifying outstanding organizations, exploring partnerships and business networking that will support the development of the Ghanaian business and corporate community.

Below are some more photos of the award:


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