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Hon. KEN OHENE AGYAPONG is one of the stalwarts of the NPP. He contributes to the party by financing their conferences and providing logistics such as PICKUPS, T-SHIRTS and more.

In addition to helping the party, he assists some MPs and some individuals in cash and in kind to power. KEN is driven to do all these by the fire of PATRIOTISM that fervently burn in him. This same fire and spirit spurs him on to extend generosity to citizens of Ghana and beyond. Because of his love for country and citizens, he donates to several institutions including Health, Military, individuals and groups. Many people in the category of patients, orphans, widows, unemployed, disabled etc. have received from his benevolent hands.

In the same spirit, he stands for and fights for anything Ghana. There are several circumstances, where KEN has taken the fight of certain individuals or groups and fought for them. Hon. KEN’S favourite group of the people are the masses . He prefers to call them – the grassroots . KEN loves to be their voice, their eyes, their ears, their legs and their hands. KEN finds it a delight and a privilege to identify himself with them. He is not ashamed to be called a grassroots man. Hence, he has acquired the name Grassroots Father , the name he holds sacred and dear at the bottom of his heart. He lives for the grassroots and he is ready to defend them to the hilt, even if that will warrant his death.

Because of his love for the ordinary Ghanaian, Hon. KEN OHENE AGYAPONG has consistently been a torn in the flesh of NDC and NPP GOVERNMENTS, who have had the opportunity to lead Ghana. In the recent 7 years, he has always been on NPP GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS. He will not give them space to breathe until they stop choking NPP grassroots and ordinary Ghanaians. He tells them the hard way to be responsive and responsible to the grassroots, who worked hard to see them to power. Unfortunately, because of pride, these lucky ministers and Chief Executives call this insults. As a result, they hate Ken for speaking for the grassroots and not minding his own business like them. They don’t understand why KEN cannot neglect the NPP grassroots and Ghana like them. Fortunately for KEN, it is not in his DNA to neglect and turn a blind ear to the poor, vulnerable and the less privileged.

Besides KEN’S spirit of Patriotism is HONESTY. Ken hates to lie. He tells it the way he sees it. Because of his honesty, most of these lucky government officials spit on this good societal value, throw dust in the eyes of the low brains and tag Ken as someone, who cannot keep state secret. They fail in their pride to differentiate between truth (transparency) and keeping state secrets (protection). They fail to accept that lying is not keeping secrets. For KEN’S HONESTY, the lucky NPP government officials hate him. They fear Ken will expose them.

The last tenet that terrorizes these lucky officials is Ken’s sense of DISCIPLINE. Ken is a no nonsense man. He does not tolerate corruption in any of its kinds. He has demonstrated it in his own small ways. Because of Ken’s strong fight against corrupt officials, people would do anything to prevent him from taking state authority. After all, what skeletons do they have in their cupboards to entertain such fears? If you are clean, join the clean. Yes, Ken will surely crack the whip and the masses and all well meaning Ghanaians will be happy to see him do this as Ghana’s next president.

Personally, I look forward to a day a president will dress a misbehaved officer from hair to toe, fire him, confiscate his ill acquired wealth, property and put him behind bars. I will personally praise such a president for even slapping that officer. My stand is based on the principle of ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’.
Again, the lucky officials wonder how KEN has got things done done as a businessman through his sense of DISCIPLINE. He has companies that have employed over 7000 people and still counting. Even with state resources, they (government officials) have found it hard to get things done.
Ken must really be the chosen 1.

Dear Ken,
The grassroots and the ordinary citizens of Ghana (name we humbly accept) urge you to continue the good fight. We know this fight is ours and not yours but you have taken it upon yourself to fight for us because you love us. We also know that you are taking our shame like Jesus did. You are taking the insults and the reproach that are meant for us. Don’t worry, very soon, you will be glorified by God, the greatest and the one who appoints leaders to partner Him in the care of His people.

Sometimes, I shudder to believe that some few grassroots have availed themselves to be influenced by the ones I call lucky officials to betray you, KEN – the CHOSEN 1 to serve Ghana at this material times. Maybe, we need them as Judases of our time to help God’s business to materialize. I would that they and those of the upper class who have good heart wake up and join the salvation team. God will surely save Ghana through the rejected and neglected ones.

Message to Ghanaians
All Ghanaians, who feel neglected, please strengthen your ✋ hands. Hold your hands together and rally behind the neglected and deserted KEN. Our salvation is very near. God will surely visit Ghana soon.

Hon. Dr. Isaac Asare


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