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Mim Methodist JHS Holds Online Elections

Mim Methodist JHS Holds Online Elections

Mim Methodist Junior High School in the Asunafo North Municipality of the Ahafo region has embraced digital transformation by conducting online elections to elect their senior prefects.

The initiative marks the first time Junior High School students in the Ahafo region and the entire country have participated in an online voting exercise, signifying a significant leap towards embracing technology and promoting democratic values in educational institutions.

The traditional practice of teachers handpicking students to be in charge of positions has been deemed outdated at Mim Methodist JHS.

Instead, the school’s ICT teacher, Mr. Clifford Ababio, popularly known as “King,” took the lead in advocating for student involvement in selecting their leaders. By providing laptops to the students, the school’s staff, acting as Electoral Officers, enabled the pupils to exercise their right to vote in a fair and transparent manner.

According to Mr. Ababio, empowering the students to participate actively in the election process not only instills democratic values but also fosters a sense of responsibility and accountability.

As an institution dedicated to nurturing well-rounded individuals capable of playing critical roles in society, this initiative is one of the many efforts undertaken by Mim Methodist JHS to develop leadership skills among its students.

The Head Teacher of the school, Mr. Edwin Sarpong-Boakye, expressed his excitement and support for the online elections, emphasizing the importance of engaging students in decision-making processes.

He further encouraged the students who are about to take the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) to perform well in their exams, as they carry the potential to become future leaders of the country.

The online elections at Mim Methodist JHS have opened up new avenues for student involvement and democratic awareness. The process has allowed students to experience a real-world democratic exercise and exercise their right to vote responsibly.
By giving the power to elect their leaders, the school has set a precedent for other educational institutions in the region and beyond to follow suit.

Following the successful online elections, the elected senior prefects pledged to serve their fellow students with dedication and integrity. Their willingness to embrace the responsibility bestowed upon them reflects the trust and confidence that their peers have placed in them.

In conclusion, Mim Methodist Junior High School’s pioneering online elections have set a commendable example for educational institutions across Ghana.

By embracing technology and involving students in the democratic process, the school is shaping future leaders and fostering a sense of civic responsibility among its pupils. This remarkable initiative will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the students and the community, preparing them to play crucial roles in society as responsible and engaged citizens.


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