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Mim Youth Address the Media over lack of development.

Mim Youth Address the Media over lack of development.

Mim is a city in the Asunafo North Municipal District in the Ahafo Region of Ghana. On 12th Sept 2022, the Youth in Mim Ahafo addressed the media over the lack of development in Mim Ahafo below is a copy of the press releases


Dear friends of the media, Nananom, and the people of Mim, we are very grateful for attending this press conference at such short notice.

Colleagues from the media, we have invited you here this morning to help convey our message to the leadership of the country.

  1. Prior to the 2020 general elections, HE Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo made a campaign promise to any town he visited, and upon getting to Ahafo – Mim the Omanhene of Mim Traditional Area requested for a University to be built at Mim. HE Nana Addo through his then Minister of Education Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh made a political promise that any town within the Ahafo Region that canvas and amass massive votes for the NPP and Nana Addo to retain power will have the STEM University built in your town.

The promise from the government has been honored but the Regional Minister, the MP together with the MCE has skewed the project to be cited at a different place, so we (Mim) call on HE Nana Addo to kindly intervene since Mim doesn’t have any representative to champion for this course.

  1. Mim – District: Again Omanhene of Mim Traditional Area Nana Dr. Okofrobour Yaw Agyei humbly requested that Mim should be made a district. His call was necessitated due to how Mim has been continuously sidelined in developmental projects. Constituencies within Ahafo have developmental projects spread across their constituencies example
    Ntotroso nursing training
    Kwapong nursing training
    Dadiesoba nursing training
    All these projects are found outside their district capitals but with Asunafo North, Goaso has claimed everything all in the name of Regional and District capital example
    1) District assembly office
    2) Regional Office
    3) DVLA
    4) District and regional hospital
    5) Nursing training
    6) Military and police
    The MP, RM, and the MCE do not recognize Mim.

We(Mim) call on HE Nana Addo to honor Mim in the district, for Mim has been faithful and contributed to the NPP vote basket.

  1. Road: Contractors are back to various sites after the 2020 elections working restlessness to meant time and our checks reveal that Hwidiem – Acherensua, Sankore, and Hwidiem Kenyasi roads haven’t been left out. We the youth of Mim are asking our Regional Minister, Our MP, and MCE what we have done wrong to deserve the kind of developmental punishment melted at us.

Mim inner roads and Bediako – Kasapin road has been left at the backwaters of the year of roads.

  1. Mim – Water Project: The good people of Mim are much grateful for the Multi-million cedi water project bestowed to the people of Mim and its environs. We are thankful to the President and his Representatives in the region for such a project. But adding that, the promise on the STEM University be honored on Mim stool land.

However, Mim is stuck to the NPP, but if this STEM University promise is not fulfilled, we (Mim) will advise ourselves as a community by ending of October 2022.

After the PRESS CONFERENCE, we interview some of the citizens in Mim Ahafo, and below is what they are saying


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