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Hon. Booba to Reward Stewardship in Ahafo Region.

Hon. Booba to Reward Stewardship in Ahafo Region.

One of the leading contenders in the Ahafo Regional Chairmanship Contest of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Hon. Booba has announced his decision to reward hardworking party supporters for their stewardship in the Region and NPP as a whole.

The aspiring Regional Chairman made this known when he was explaining his campaign intentions to the NPP party supporters at Mim in the Ahafo region.

The doubting Thomas questioned the means to do that when the party supporters are saturated and anybody can be classified as one.

The astute politician explained that the ruling NPP government has an ongoing modernization policy of digitalizing the country and its activities. However, his reign as chairman is going to see every single supporter of the NPP will be captured.
“Every single individuals’ data will be captured, this will give us an insight on the location, skill the person is having, what the person needs and how the party can be of help so the party can also know how to assist them”.

This will also help identify the unemployed grassroots supporters making the chairman abreast of party faithfuls’ area of specialization and eventually help with job creation when the need arises for recruitment in their specific areas of specialization.

Chairman Booba who has been tipped to take over the Ahafo regional chairmanship position by several political pundits admitted that, though the grounds are favorable, he’s not going to be swollen-headed by that, he’s going to work assiduously to Capture the chairmanship position.

In conclusion, chairman Robert Sarfo-Mensah (Booba) sent a goodwill message to all the aspirants in the ongoing constituency elections. Chairman Booba averred that everybody who has the goodwill to serve the elephant fraternity should not be intimidated by the challenges in the contest, rather, they should look at the reward in servitude.


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