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Trusting the Almighty’s Plan: Finding Hope Amid Loss of our Beloved Breanna Fosua Addai

Trusting the Almighty’s Plan: Finding Hope Amid Loss of our Beloved Breanna Fosua Addai

In the journey of life, challenges and losses are inevitable. Whether it’s a job, possessions, or even relationships, these losses can shake the very core of our existence. During such times, the message of faith, hope, and trust in the Almighty’s plan becomes a guiding light, offering solace and reassurance. The idea that the Almighty will never fail us and will restore whatever we’ve lost brings comfort to many, reminding us that our hardships have a purpose beyond what we can see in the present moment and this is our wish for Breanna’s family (Mr Solomon Addai, Gina and family)

Life’s setbacks can leave us feeling disheartened, wondering why these losses have occurred. But the belief in a higher purpose, a divine plan beyond our comprehension, can provide us with strength to persevere. The idea that the Almighty is always present, working to restore what was lost, offers a sense of security that goes beyond our human understanding. This belief can serve as a source of resilience, helping us navigate through the challenges and uncertainties that life throws our way. This is a testament of how much of a great father Mr Solomon Addai is and the vision of the family to establish a foundation in Memory of their beloved Breanna Fosua Addai.

At times, it’s challenging to grasp how our losses fit into a larger plan. We might question the fairness of these experiences or struggle to see a way forward. However, the message of trusting the Almighty’s plan encourages us to have patience and faith that the path we’re on will eventually lead to clarity and understanding. Just as a puzzle piece may not make sense on its own, when put together with others, it contributes to a greater picture. Similarly, the losses we face might not make sense now, but they are part of a bigger narrative that will eventually become clear.

One of the hardest lessons to learn is that people and things we hold dear might not always remain in our lives. Relationships might change, careers might take unexpected turns, and possessions might fade away. Yet, the notion that whoever and whatever is meant to be in our lives will stay provides comfort. This belief encourages us to let go of what we cannot control and focus on cherishing the present moment. It reminds us that some losses are necessary to make room for new opportunities and experiences and to their credit, Breanna family have done just that by making sure that no child or parent goes through what they have been through as a family by not only setting up a charitable foundation but also educating the public about childhood cancer.

While it’s natural to feel uncertainty and fear when faced with loss, the message of trust in the Almighty’s plan invites us to shift our perspective. Instead of dwelling on what we’ve lost, we can focus on what we can gain from these experiences. The growth, resilience, and wisdom that arise from navigating through challenges can ultimately shape us into stronger individuals.

The message that the Almighty will never fail us and will restore what we’ve lost is a beacon of hope during times of difficulty. While losses are an inevitable part of life, trusting in a higher purpose provides us with the strength and perspective needed to overcome these challenges. By believing that what’s meant to be in our lives will stay and that a greater plan is at play, we can find solace and meaning even in the midst of adversity.
Mr Addai and family have embraced the journey with unwavering faith, knowing that the pieces of our lives will eventually fall into place, revealing a beautiful and intricate tapestry of experiences.

Mr Solomon Addai, Gina and family, we love you and wish you nothing but the best in your quest to making sure childhood cancer treatment is free in our hospitals.
We encourage each and every family to read either hard or soft copy of Breanna Fosua Addai’s story “Short Life Huge Impact” By Solomon Addai as we observe International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September.

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