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U.S Keen to Boycott Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

U.S Keen to Boycott Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Witnessing an advanced Technology country set a good and whet the appetite of coming countries as well as other developed countries to learn from you. China is no exception in this topic in 2022. The Japan Center for Economic Research, whose latest forecast says Beijing is damaging the country’s growth potential by clamping down on its technology and other big industries for growth.

China aims to bridge the technological gap with the United States by 2020 and become a leader in the artificial intelligence sector by 2030, reversing the current situation in which the United States is leading. Artificial intelligence is the basis of the “ Made in China 2025” project, the plan with which China wants to become a technological power, able to export high-innovation and technological products across the borders of China. It is a process that influences manufacturing production, the world of work, and social control. Since the central government made artificial intelligence a mandate, several local authorities and cities in China have invested money and draw up development plans. Innovation is the current battleground with the United States, which fears losing its control. According to data from the China Internet Network Information Center, as of June last year, more than a quarter of the world’s two thousand artificial intelligence companies and one-third of private start-ups businesses worth 1 billion dollars were located in China, basically Beijing.

Metrics in a recent report says that the global leadership of the Chinese telecommunications giants in 5G is just an example of how China is about to become the global center of digital Innovation. 

Soon the whole world will witness the advanced technology and prosperity of China,  and the U. S won’t allow such truth to be hidden. This artificial intelligence will enable humans to be more efficient in doing this and also result in simple working results like the life showcase of the Beijing 2020 new year display.

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