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Hon. Booba Calls for Unity to Break the 8.

Hon. Booba Calls for Unity to Break the 8.

Hon. Robert sarfo Mensah aka chairman Booba has made it clear that the party’s determination to break the eight-year governance is possible if members of our great party are united and resolute.

Chairman Booba posited that the NPP deserves to stay in power beyond 2024 to consolidate the gains of President Akuffo Addo’s administration. He further stipulated that the NPP needs to be a more formidable and united party poised to break the eight-year cycle record.

He insisted that the NPP’s 2024 victory will depend heavily on the actions of the constituency and regional executives hence the need for the party’s leadership at the various levels to strive for unity.
Chairman Robert Sarfo-Mensah believes that as a traditional Npp region posterity would not spare the party executives if strenuous efforts are not made to retain the four constituencies and wrestle the two lost constituencies in the next general elections.

Chairman Booba assured members, supporters, and sympathizers of the party that he has a proven track record and has what it takes to make the party more viable and attractive.
He, therefore, admonished all the yet-to-be-elected constituency executives, party elders, regional executives, and all delegates to vote massively for him for the betterment of Ahafo NPP and the region as a whole.

He also appealed to all those who are contesting for various positions to run a campaign devoid of vituperative which might cause a deleterious effect on the party. All hands-on desks devoid of factionalism, backbiting, and personal attacks to help the party to achieve its utmost goal of breaking the eight agenda.

He concluded by saying that his doors are always open for any discussion and plans for the betterment of NPP and the Ahafo region as a whole.


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