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We have full support from the U.S amid the Russian invasion, Antony Blinken said.

We have full support from the U.S amid the Russian invasion, Antony Blinken said.

Upon the immediate Pair’s meeting which took place at Kyiv in Ukraine between U.S secretary; Antony Blinken and president of Ukraine, Zelenskyy on the alarming invasion of Russia, a short press conference was held to enlighten Ukrainian on the just-ended meeting with the U.S secretary of state. According to the foreign minister of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba said the United Nations fully supports them in this crisis.

 It exists until now as a developing nation, Ukraine has gone through a very hard period in Ukraine’s history. 

The risk associated with aggression if the Russian Federation has made the Ukraine government conscious to overcome the very hard period in its history. The Foreign minister of Ukraine, Dymtro kuleba says the government of Ukraine as well as Verkhovna Rosa are working every day to strengthen the country and make sure that the country will be able to go through this very difficult period of time.

Moreover, Moscow’s aggression to this point has killed more than 14,00 Ukrainian men, women, and children and driven more than 1.4 million Ukrainians from their homes.

The Foreign minister expressed Russia’s biggest achievement as ” sowing panic and distrust, ” The biggest achievement of Russia today would be sowing panic and distrust in Ukraine and stoking Ukraine from the inside. Therefore we need to apply all our effort to prevent Russia from achieving this goal”.

During the discussion, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine made a submission that the United States supports Ukrainian efforts and efforts of Germany and France to reinstate the work of the  ” Normandy Format” at the level of leaders.

Currently, the Trilateral Contract Group and effort are aimed at making sure that Russia moves forward in diplomatic format. According to Dymtro kuleba, this conflict has only one solution which is ” Diplomatic”. This conflict can be solved only when the last Russian soldier leaves some part of Nega, Cremia, and the city of several stops.

      Background of Russia Aggression

Since 2014, Moscow manufactured a crisis invading Ukraine territory in Crimea which it occupies to Thai day. Since Ukrainian strict to the maiden eight(8) years ago to defend their choice for a democratic and European future. Russia has used every strategy badly to try to undermine the will of the Ukrainian people.  Moscow orchestrated a war in Eastern Ukraine, which continued to fuel using proxy forces. Moscow has systematically sought to weaken Ukraine’s Democratic institutions, as well as to divide Ukrainian society using everything from election interference to disinformation to Cyberattacks. And Russia has also attempted to destabilize the economy and financial situation in Ukraine. Russia has ratcheted up its threats and amassed nearly 100,000 forces on Ukraine’s border which could double in relatively short order.


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