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Weed smoking on the rise, We are working tirelessly to resist the canker – Senaase Mmratehene vows

Weed smoking on the rise, We are working tirelessly to resist the canker – Senaase Mmratehene vows

The tranquil suburb of Senaase, nestled within the Bono region of Ghana, is facing a disheartening challenge as weed smoking and substance abuse surge among its young population. Recognizing the potential for serious social vices to take root, the Mmrantehene of Berekum Senaase, Nana Badu Kaakyire, along with other stakeholders, has launched a concerted effort to raise awareness about the grave consequences of substance abuse. In a bid to safeguard the community’s future, they are committed to educating parents and youths about the dangers associated with these harmful habits.

Weed smoking and substance abuse have permeated the fabric of Senaase’s youth culture, prompting Nana Badu Kaakyire to take a decisive stand. Driven by concern for the welfare of the community’s young members, the Mmrantehene is spearheading an initiative aimed at curbing this troubling trend. The rapid escalation of these practices threatens to breed social vices, including armed robbery, as highlighted by Chairman Alayeh, a committee member at Senaase.

The collective resolve to address this pressing issue is evident in the collaborative efforts undertaken by Senaase’s stakeholders. Dr. Frank Amankona, a medical doctor in the area, underlines the urgency of tackling this problem. He emphasizes that weed smoking and substance abuse are not only detrimental to health but are also illegal in the country. The potential legal consequences underscore the need for parents to counsel their children against these harmful behaviors.

The Mmrantehene and stakeholders are taking a proactive stance, aiming to nip the issue in the bud by focusing on preventive measures. Efforts are underway to engage in door-to-door awareness campaigns, reaching out to parents and youths directly. This grassroots approach seeks to inform families about the potential perils of substance abuse, encouraging a joint effort to protect the community’s young generation.

Though the challenge of substance abuse is daunting, Senaase’s commitment to tackle it head-on offers a ray of hope. The united front presented by the Mmrantehene, medical professionals, and community leaders underscores the seriousness of the situation. By addressing the root causes and providing education, the community aims to fortify its youths against the allure of substance abuse and its associated dangers.

Senaase stands at a crucial crossroads, where a resolute battle against substance abuse is being waged. The efforts of Nana Badu Kaakyire, along with the collaborative endeavors of stakeholders, serve as a beacon of hope for the community’s future. By prioritizing awareness and prevention, Senaase is taking significant strides toward safeguarding its youths from the destructive path of substance abuse. In this united front, the suburb exemplifies the power of a community’s determination to protect its most valuable asset—the next generation.



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