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Wendy Shay angrily replies Ama K. Abebrese

Wendy Shay angrily replies Ama K. Abebrese

Self-acclaimed Queen of Ghana Music, Wendy Shay, has descended on actress Ama K. Abebrese for holding a contrary view to her protest of the ban on celebrity endorsements of alcoholic beverages and betting.

Wendy Shay and some creative arts stakeholders, for some time now, have voiced out their displeasure over the strict laws limiting their involvement in alcohol and gaming advertisements.

The celebrities, in a latest protest, described it as unnecessary and a means of denying them their financial freedom.

This, Miss Abebrese, said is wrong timing, considering the ongoing protest against police brutality in Nigeria (#END SARS), which has gained worldwide attention.

#EndSWAT & end #PoliceBrutality for their Human Rights. In Ghana, some celebrities are fighting to be paid to promote alcohol and sports betting to youth as a ‘Human Rights’ issue. Everyone has a right to protest what matters to them,” she tweeted.

Wendy Shay has, however, hit back at Miss Abebrese, whom she described as a hypocrite for condemning Ghana’s protest but backing Nigeria’s.

The ‘Shay on You’ boss agreed everyone has the right to protest things involving killing, and the ‘death’ of the showbiz industry is no exception.

‘CareerBrutality’ was how she termed the Food and Drugs Authority as well as the Gaming Commission’s ban.


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