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All Set For Ghana Economic Recovery – NPP Yaw Preko

A Deputy Director of Communications of NPP Mr. Yaw Preko, has hinted that, all is set for Ghana’s Economic Recovery and this would settle the debate of the Economy. Speaking to the media in koforidua as part of his media encounter series on the Economy, Mr. Yaw Preko said, Ghana experienced a significant economic slow […]

Confirmed: Boakye Agyarko Refrains From NPP Run-off Election, Cites Legal Breaches

Nurturing Family Bonds in the Digital Age: Striking a Balance Between Technology and Togetherness

In an era dominated by technology, there’s no denying its impact on family dynamics. The convenience and connectivity offered by smartphones and other devices have transformed the way we communicate, work, and entertain ourselves. However, as the allure of screens grows stronger, an unintended consequence has emerged – a growing family divide caused by our […]