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Kwadwo Addaikrom Community Appeals to Government to Complete Abandoned Projects

Kwadwo Addaikrom Community Appeals to Government to Complete Abandoned Projects

The chiefs and people of Kwadwo Addaikrom in the Asunafo North Municipality of the Ahafo Region have made a public appeal to their local government officials to address and complete several abandoned projects in their community. Nana Kofi Anane, the chief of Kwadwo Addaikrom, expressed these concerns during a media interview at a news conference organized by the residents. He highlighted that the NPP government initiated multiple projects in the area but abandoned them after the 2020 elections.

Among these are the construction of a police station and the establishment of a rural telephony network, both of which are crucial as they would serve approximately 25 neighboring communities with a combined population of about 4,500 people.

In addition, the chief pointed out that two mechanized boreholes built by the municipal assembly have been left incomplete and non-functional for four years, forcing residents to rely on streams for their water supply. He urged the Asunafo North Municipal Assembly to prioritize building a maternity block for their Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compound, as the current midwife has had to convert her room into a makeshift maternity ward.

He also appealed for the construction of washrooms for both nurses and patients and better accommodations for medical staff.Supporting the chief’s statements, Nana Yaa Anokyewaa II, the Queen Mother of Kwadwo Addaikrom, and other community members emphasized the need for the telephony network to enhance communication.

Additionally, Nana Yaw Owusu, the Akwamuhene of Kwadwo Addaikrom, noted that the absence of a police station has led to an increase in theft and robbery incidents.Mothers in the community voiced concerns about the dangerous state of the kindergarten (KG) block, which has become a hazard due to snake infestations, causing children to avoid school out of fear.

The assembly member for the Bitre electoral area, Hon. Abraham Seipala Kwabena, acknowledged that water is a significant issue. However, he noted that he has not been able to attend assembly meetings to address these community issues due to the lack of a presiding member. He mentioned that the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) has promised to provide borehole water, and the community is eagerly awaiting this promise to be fulfilled.


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