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Unmasking the Silent Threats: Malaria and Typhoid – A Deadlier Menace in Ghana Than HIV

While HIV/AIDS has long been a global health concern, there are other diseases that quietly wreak havoc in certain regions, often overshadowed by the broader discourse. In Ghana, malaria and typhoid fever stand as formidable challenges, claiming more lives than HIV/AIDS. This article sheds light on the gravity of the situation, exploring the impact of […]

Weed smoking on the rise, We are working tirelessly to resist the canker – Senaase Mmratehene vows

The tranquil suburb of Senaase, nestled within the Bono region of Ghana, is facing a disheartening challenge as weed smoking and substance abuse surge among its young population. Recognizing the potential for serious social vices to take root, the Mmrantehene of Berekum Senaase, Nana Badu Kaakyire, along with other stakeholders, has launched a concerted effort […]