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Onion traders seek government support amidst Benin border closure

Onion traders seek government support amidst Benin border closure

The Onion Sellers Association of Ghana has urgently appealed to the government for assistance as a significant quantity of onions, sent to various markets in the Ashanti Region, had gone bad due to the border closure in Benin.

This unfortunate situation arose from the recent military takeover in Niger, which has led to border closures and subsequent delays in the transportation of goods.

As a result, over 500 sacks of onions have deteriorated, causing substantial financial losses for onion sellers who are now grappling with the consequences.

Ali Umar, the spokesperson for the Onion Sellers Association of Ghana, highlighted the dire predicament faced by the traders. He emphasized that their trucks remain stranded at the border due to the closure, preventing the timely arrival of the goods.

“Our trucks are still at the border; they are not able to allow them for them to come over. We need support from the government because some of us, have to go and borrow money.”

“…So if it has come like this, it is not easy to pay the money back. So we really need the support. If the government can support us with something, we will be really grateful,” he stated.

Meanwhile,Ghana’s Embassy in Burkina Faso is encouraging onion truck operators travelling between Ghana, Burkina Faso and Niger to collaborate closely with the embassy for enhanced security during their journeys.

The embassy has coordinated with the Burkinabe government to arrange for escorts to assist Ghanaian traders ensuring their safe passage.

The Ghana Ambassador for Burkina Faso, Boniface Gambila Adagbila in an interview with the media says the embassy has successfully assisted onion truck drivers whose shipping were stranded in Burkina Faso due to border closures in Niger.

Speaking on the efforts to maintain and managing flocks of refugees into the country, Boniface Gambila Adagbila said Ghana and Burkina Faso are working closely to ensure the security of the borders and prevent the infiltration of extremists who might pose as refugees.


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