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Deputy Education Minister Assures 2023 BECE Candidates: “Our Schedule for BECE Has Not Changed”

Deputy Education Minister Assures 2023 BECE Candidates: “Our Schedule for BECE Has Not Changed”

Introduction: Amid concerns and speculations surrounding the 2023 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) schedule, the Deputy Minister for Education and Member of Parliament for Assin South, Rev. Hon. John Ntim Fordjour, has stepped forward to address the issue. In a recent interview with Okay Fm’s morning show host Kwame Nkrumah Tikese, Hon. Ntim Fordjour reassured the aspiring candidates that the examination will indeed take place as planned on the 7th of August. He shed light on the relationship between the Ministry and the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), emphasizing their commitment to upholding Ghana’s image and ensuring a smooth examination process.

The Unchanged BECE Schedule: With the 2023 BECE approaching, concerns arose about possible changes to the examination schedule due to financial matters. However, Hon. Ntim Fordjour has firmly asserted that there are no alterations to the planned date. The candidates can prepare and proceed with their exams with confidence, knowing that the Ministry is dedicated to conducting the BECE as scheduled.

A Continuous Relationship with WAEC: Highlighting the relationship between the Ministry and WAEC, Hon. Ntim Fordjour emphasized its continuity. He revealed that the Council provides its services first and receives payment later, resulting in arrears that the Ministry is committed to settling. This practice allows for a smooth and uninterrupted examination process, assuring both the candidates and the public of the Ministry’s responsibility in fulfilling its obligations.

WAEC and Ghana’s Image: The West African Examinations Council, comprising various West African countries, operates with its headquarters in Ghana. Hon. Ntim Fordjour expressed confidence in the Council’s commitment to maintaining the country’s reputation. As a crucial stakeholder in the education system, WAEC plays a vital role in ensuring the integrity and credibility of the BECE, an essential national examination for students’ academic advancement.

Supporting WAEC’s Efforts: To further demonstrate the Ministry’s dedication, Hon. Ntim Fordjour disclosed that the Ministry has already disbursed Gh¢40 million to WAEC. This financial support reflects the Ministry’s readiness to back the Council’s efforts in conducting a successful BECE. It also reinforces the government’s commitment to education and the importance of providing a conducive environment for students to excel in their academic pursuits.

Conclusion: The reassurance from Deputy Education Minister Rev. Hon. John Ntim Fordjour comes as a relief to the 2023 BECE candidates who were anxious about potential changes to the examination schedule. With the Deputy Minister’s confirmation that the BECE will proceed as planned on the 7th of August, students can now focus on their preparations with renewed confidence. The Ministry’s ongoing relationship with WAEC and financial support underscore its dedication to providing a seamless examination process and promoting the advancement of education in Ghana. As the date approaches, the entire nation eagerly awaits the success of the candidates and wishes them the best in their academic endeavors.


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